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〒254-0043 The first floor of Medical Port Building
17-25 Beniya-cho,Hiratsuka-shi, Kanagawa,Japan
Tel: 0463-21-0792 Fax: 0463-23-7300
http://www.sakamoto.or.jp/  doctor@sakamoto.or.jp


* The message from the director

Sakamoto Dental Clinic Introduction


Who We Are
We are the medical institution offering the dental service at Medical Port, the medical complex in Hiratsuka, Kanagawa Prefecture. We have been operating on the first floor of Medical Port Building, which was constructed in August, 1993.

Our History
We have been serving the community in dentistry for 52 years now. Sakamoto Dental Clinic was founded by my late father, who had been a dentist at Hiratsuka Kyosai Hospital for years. After my father passed away, the clinic was succeeded by his eldest daughter (my elder sister). Currently, the clinic is steered by 4 key members: my elder sister, my niece, a lady doctor, who is our good friend, and myself, as the director.

Our Mission and Activities
We consider it is significant to contribute to the total health by keeping the close relationship with medical specialists from other fields. At Medical Port, we offer medical services together with pediatricians and dermatologists. Early symptoms of children's diseases are often noted in oral conditions. Some metals and alloy used for dental treatment sometimes causes allergy and skin diseases. 
Cooperation with local hospitals and clinics is one of the activities we have focused on. Hiratsuka Kyosai Hospital is one of the hospitals where we keep close relationship. We periodically visit hospitals as dentists to treat the teeth of in-patients. We offer consulting service on the patients' diseases, in cooperation with doctors from other fields, to support their health and wellness. 
With the on-line reservation service at Sakamoto Dental Clinic, patients can check-in and book their appointments with all doctors at Hiratsuka Kyosai Hospital, prior to the visit.

Offer the High Level Service of Dentistry to All
We offer high level service of dentistry to our patients. We are especially proud of the quality of orthodontics (treatment to straighten the teeth for smoother bites) among Kanagawa area. All treatments are conducted by instructing doctors and/or certified doctors from the Japanese Orthodontic Society. At Sakamoto, oral surgery is conducted by a professor from Kanagawa Dental College, so that we can cope with difficult cases. For some cases, we apply latest laser appliances for pain-free and safe treatments. 

Dental Clinic for Future with Advanced Technologies
We wish to be a medical institution to support your total health and wellness. In an effort to cope with rapidly-aging society, we conduct blood tests before treatments, prepare body monitoring system, intravenous drip injection and first-aid medicines so that we can safely conduct dental treatments to patients with physical diseases. Our clinic is free of stairs and steps: entrance, waiting room, treatment room and bathroom are on the same level to facilitate the access by wheel chairs. The pediatrician clinic on the 2nd floor and the dermatology clinic on the 3rd floor are accessible on wheel chairs by an elevator.

How to Make You Comfortable
Sakamoto Dental Clinic is conveniently located. It is just one-minute walk from JR Hiratsuka Station (west exit). We also prepare parking space for 10 cars.
We value the importance to make our patients comfortable and relaxed, after they stepped into our clinic. While waiting for the treatment, you are free to enjoy internet, pocket bell call service, digital caption information service, variety of magazines and music of your choice. We also prepare plasma air cleaner and green tea to make the time and space comfortable. Our effort and attitude was introduced by NHK TV program. 

Feel Free to Contact Us!
We believe in an interaction between oral and physical condition upon providing the high quality of service. We always try to make treatments from patients' perspective to support their total wellness. 
If you have any questions and/or concerns on your oral and health issues, please feel free to contact us. Our numbers and contact are as follows. 
All of our staffs at Sakamoto Dental Clinic are looking forward to serving you soon.

Takafumi Sakamoto, Ph.D Director Sakamoto Dental Clinic

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